February 2011 Startup Weekend Speaker Jay Steinfeld

Meet the Judges: Jay Steinfeld, Blinds.com CEO / Founder


Blinds.com founder and CEO Jay Steinfeld inspired February’s Houston Startup Weekend attendees with stories from his life and the life of his company. Audience members heard Jay describe what it was like to be on his way to a customer visit and pull over to answer and handle a call from another customer. Now, blinds.com is one of the top internet retailers in the country and was named as the top place to work in 2011 by the Houston Business Journal. For November, Jay will be a member of our Judges panel.

For more information on Jay Steinfeld:
Website: http://www.blinds.com
Twitter: BlindscomCEOblindsdotcom
Blog: No-Nonsense Boss, on bnet. Make sure to read Need a Brilliant Idea? Steal It.

Photo: Copyright Javid Jaeme. Jay Steinfeld, center, speaking with Startup Weekend Organizer Jerald Reichstein (l) of Bouncing Pixel along with Webstbound Bank Chairman Bruce Reichstein (r). Bouncing Pixel and Westbound Bank were both sponsors of the event.