Sponsor Spotlight: Kitchen Incubator


Kitchen Incubator returns as a Startup Weekend sponsor by supplying mouthwatering treats to Startup Weekend attendees. Lucrece Borrego founded the cntreprenurial culinary center in 2007 to combine her love of food with her business background. Today, Kitchen Incubator provides licensed commercial kitchens for rent, culinary business advisory, and business “Out to Launch Boot Camp” classes for chefs.

Kitchen Incubator is not just for chefs. Through Kitchen Incubator, Lucrece offers themed cooking classes and operates a neighborhood cafe features a variety of foods, hand crafted sodas, and specialty coffee drinks.

For more information on Kitchen Incubator:
Website: http://kitchenincubator.com/
Twitter: @KitchenInc
Kitchen Incubator can also be found on Facebook.