Houston Startup Weekend Friday Night Wrap-Up


Houston Startup Weekend is underway! The initial introductions are over and the team forming process begun. Thank you to tonight’s presenters for setting the stage for what promises to be a weekend filled with great ideas and lots of execution. We learned about the national Startup Weekend organization and Global Entrepreneurship Week from Startup Weekend National Facilitator Tawnee Rebhuhn.  Developer Evangelist Keith Casey demonstrated resources available via Twilio. We also heard from keynote speaker Adam Stacoviak, host of Founder’s Talk, about his startups experiences and advice. Greg Wright,  Director of IT Acceleration at Houston Technology Center, built on the themes Adam covered through his remarks on this weekend’s judging process.

After the presentations, it was time to pitch. Thank you to everyone who stood up and shared ideas in 60 seconds flat. After listening to more than 30 pitches, a dozen ideas rose to the surface. Teams formed and the brainstorming began, with many teams staying late into the evening.

Startup Weekend resumes again at 9AM Saturday morning.