Final Presentations are ongoing!


It’s been a great 54 hours and we have 12 presenting teams!! The presentations are in full swing.

Nexus Stream– An app to use the Google Nexus Q to stream anything from your mobile device to your TV.– The easiest way to tip without cash. They did a demo where via text message, we sent a tip from phone. Bryan, one of our judges just got $5!!

Artist Revolution- A platform to connect artists with their potential buying base

Blueprint– Training, Sharing, and Caring. Web based knowledge-base with interactive commentary  for small businesses.

Booklocal.Co A website for booking companies (catering, etc) for small businesses in 60 seconds and $5. an online clothing shop that shows you curated fashion that matches your exact measurements

Houmanitarian- Blog site to promote non profit organization.

Our Proud Moments – System to connect teacher and parents in real time about children activities on a qualitative method.

Massaje- Easy way for people to find affordable massages, connecting massage students with real customers.

Printing Mob- 99 designs for 3D designs. Consumers submit their concepts, 3D CAD designers bid for the right to design it.

 QrowdsurfExpress virtual store for one-time vendors

Simple ScheduledEasy online scheduling and pricing across qualified local vendors for home services.

And now–we have to wait for the judges to deliberate! Who will win SW Houston July 2012?!